Parisa Heydari

Parisa Heydari is a visual artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Having born and grown up in Tehran, Iran, she incorporates her cultural history in her art practice. Her primary medium is oil on canvas. she uses an innovative approach by adding sculptural elements like ceramics and thread to flat canvas. Her practice questions the norms and conventions of two-dimensional painting. She explores issues of identity, belonging, connection and historical narratives. Being an immigrant, she has overcome many obstacles and her work reflects her dual identity. Since 2018, she has exhibited in many group exhibitions. She started her art education at the Academy of Realist Art Toronto, where she achieved her painting and drawing skills. In 2019, she started studying drawing and painting at OCAD university. She has an intimate connection with nature and hiking is her favourite activity. As she takes long walks in nature, her ideas start to shape. Her abstract works reflect her connection with nature and the interdependence of all the objects and living beings.

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